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This joint initiative is orchestrated together with BEYOND4 Career Accelerator and SAP Malaysia with a common goal to accelerate premium SAP Talent in Malaysia. We bring in partners and clients across the board, to create premium SAP Associate Consultants while intelligently matching the best-fit SAP talent to businesses and industry requirements.

SAP Malaysia has over 1300 corporate clients, however the low supply for premium SAP Talent in Malaysia has led to a bottleneck in businesses streamlining their digital transformation initiatives with SAP Technology.

The BEYOND4 Talent Cloud together with our Career Accelerator Partner, Global Strategic Partners (GSP), present an end-to-end solution by sourcing premium SAP Talent – trained and certified in line with your business requirements and needs.

BEYOND4 Talent Cloud

Talent Identification

Our unique aptitude-based assessment identifies and discovers Talent DNA based on 45 competencies allowing us to streamline Talent DNA and business requirements.

Talent Acceleration

Talent undergoes rapid upskilling in line with their aptitude to maximise their potential while building a career reputation with certifications to stay relevant in the industry.

Talent Deployment

Successful talent to complete certification will then join the Talent Cloud and prepared to be deployed. Based on business needs and requirements, our system intelligently matched the best-fit talent to businesses.

Premium SAP Talent

Key Benefits

Highly Skilled SAP Talent at your Fingertips

High Skilled Talents

Talent is assessed and Talent DNA is identified respectively allowing the Education and Skills Accelerator to provide the best training and upskilling initiatives fit for the respective Talent DNA identified.

We Understand the Skill Gap in the Industry

Our over a decades’ experience in the training, talent and technology industries has helped us understand the skill gaps, the need for future skills and industry readiness.

Job Readiness

Our program is detailed & curated in accordance with industry needs by equipping, enhancing & elevating candidates with the skills, exposure & knowledge to exponentially grow. We are not just an education pit-stop, we empower you to achieve your goals towards a high-value output.

High Quality Talent without Cost Overrun

We help our clients hire talent based on current skills and future potential. We realize that in complex projects, mere experience cannot ensure success and most need brilliant talent for their mission critical projects.


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